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Almonds are almonds that grow on wood of the same name. Considered one of their most nutritious foods, incredibly rich in vitamins, contains minerals, fibre, good protein and other useful ingredients.

Sweet almonds are very widely applicable in cooking. It goes well with any dough, has a unique aroma and refined taste. Almond petals are very popular, like decorating all sorts of desserts. In our catalogue there is both a separate treat (purified, in honey and sesame, in sugar) and petals.

Frangipan is a great popular almond cream. And the Italian amaretto owes a lot of its wonderful aroma to this nut!

Where to buy almonds cheaply?

PrimeFood24 online store offers you to buy almonds with delivery all over the world: the USA, the UK, Europe at affordable prices for everyone. Our catalogue includes fried almonds, inshelled (fried and not), inshelled salted almonds, Nonparrel, Carmel, sweet in honey and sesame and sugar, as well as almond petals. Every connoisseur will find their favourite look in our catalogue!

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